About us

Wrinklepedia is owned and operated by Sesa labs, LLC. Wrinklepedia is the largest anti-aging product testing and service monitoring guide in the world. By working with universities, laboratories, medical and beauty professionals around the globe, Wrinklepedia is capable of delivering unmatched medical and analytical information to consumers. In the US, Europe and Asia, most anti-aging products go unchecked, untested and unregulated as they are primarily considered ʻcosmeticsʻand not drugs. This categorization ignores the fact that many cosmetics are absorbed into the body just like a drug. Consumers spend hundreds of billions on these types of products every year hoping for some type of correction or improvement. In many cases, consumers are wasting money and damaging their skin. Wrinklepediaʼs mission is to bring unique, accurate and enlightening information to consumers around the world for a more informed anti-aging product and/or services decision.