Angellift®️ is a brand of anti-aging treatments owned by an Italian facial implant company.  The home company manufactures facial implants for nerve disease patients and asymmetrical cosmetic issues.


As described in previous press releases by the home company, the brand; Angellift®️ was launched to release an over-the-counter discovery.  During production and testing of a removable facial implant, measuring strips known as ‘Previews’ were creating attention among implant users. Soon, the measuring strips were tested and determined to be creating long term improvement of aging lines by the use of simple pressure.


The brand Angellift®️ soon appeared on live shopping channels such as ShopNBC and The Canadian Shopping Channel.  Their sales grabbed the attention of many US television producers which landed this break through technology on Ellen, EXTRA, Rachael Ray, The Doctors, Marie Osmond,Kris Jenner and The Shark Tank.


SCIENCE dermastrip twisted upright


The medical science behind the AngelLift®️ brand is pressure.  Pressure has been used on the human body for medical treatments for over a thousand years and still evolving.  From simple blood coagulation to more complex techniques such as cornea reshaping, pressure is a powerful and useful tool, we still know very little about.  Similar to orthodontic braces and palate expanders, AngelLift®️ Dermastrips applies pressure to make a cosmetic change.  By lifting through pressure, collagen and tissue growth is stimulated.  The longer the pressure exists, the greater the cosmetic change.



AngelLift® Dermastrips are an innovative  facelift technology for removing lower facial lip lines, smoker lines and laugh lines through pressure. By using a known facial nerve damage technique, AngelLift created soft thin, extremely durable lifting strips for simple aging lines and temporary implants for more serious asymmetrical issues.

These strips called ‘DermaStrips’ push out wrinkles from under the skin. They are used only 30 minutes daily and provide substantial improvement (according to clinical studies and patient feedback). AngelLift also offers Professional and Prescriptive lifts for patients with deeper and more difficult aging lines or uneven lip contours.



Unfortunately many large or popular brands get rumors spread online about them as other brands attempt to sway customers or ‘steal’ their traffic.  Here are a few of such rumors regarding AngelLift®;


A. Amazon removed them from their shelves.  This is untrue.  Prior to AngelLift airing on Shark Tank, AngelLift® made the decision  sell direct with Amazon as their purchasing partner.   Today, Angellift and Amazon are partners in distribution so you can currently use your Amazon account to buy directly on the Angellift site.


B. The Sharks on the Shark Tank did not invest.  This is untrue. See C below.


C. Lori Grenier (from Shark Tank) did not invest.  This is untrue.  Lori and Angellift are partners and collectively working with QVC for Angellift airings in



We tested only the over-the-counter version of the Dermastrips.  We did not test their Prescriptive line.  In our test of 30 women, aging from 45-74, most of the women (24) reported positive results and recommend to a friend.     ANGELLIFT.COM


Better Business Bureau Rating – A+

Amazon Reviews – 4.0 Stars

Google Reviews – 4.8 Stars


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What are customers saying?
Received these as a gift. Took me a long time to begin using them as i assumed they would not work. After my husband noticed the change, I was hooked.
-Jamie S. St. Louis
I am giving my review as I read many that did not agree with. I found these strips to be more difficult than using a serum. However I am happy with the results but caution others that it takes time to get used to using them.
-Bethany P St. Paul, MN
I returned these after using them for a couple weeks. My dentist told me that because of my gum disease issue and custom dentures, these would not work as I had hoped. I did receive a full refund without issue.
-Debra W Seattle WA
I used these as directed for 2 weeks. I did not see the improvements I expected. I do not think these are worth the money and they fall out of your mouth.
-Misha B Atlanta GA
I am 64 years old. I began using these to help with my shrinking upper lip. About 10 years ago I began seeing deeper and deeper lines in my upper lip. I did not want to do the shots and have never used any cream or serum that actually lifted out lines. I saw these on Ellen and gave them a try. For me, this is the first beauty device that actually makes me look younger. I use them almost daily.
-Susan W. Oak Creek, WI
These have worked very well on my laugh lines. I also think... not sure, but think my lips are getting more full. So far so good.
-Bethanne P Palo Alto, CA
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